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LINQU JIALONG METAL PRODUCTS CO.LTD.Ltd.is located in Jiangbei largest building materials--Linqu shandong,convenient transportation,developed logistics.Company's new domestic aluminum magnesium board production line;aluminum plate,steel plate paint printing of large steel pipeline.Accumulated through years of practice,continuous improvement and improvement of 
production process,our technology reaches the leading domestic level.painting textures include monochromdnod and various wood,stone pattern,marble,camouflage color etc.Variety 
according tomarket demand tends to bediversified,we can also be based on customer style production.products are widely used in the building,doors decoration andother different
industries.Through long-market development.Our company covers a number of cities in different industries at home and abroad and military command,in durability,aesthetic character and other aspects of the user's consistent trust and praise.
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Al-Mg-Mn plate
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Flower grain
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